Recognizing and rewarding performance.
Programs that acknowledge your contributions & reward your commitment.
Safety is our core value
Canada’s industry leader in school bus maintenance & passenger safety.
Embracing the highest standards of performance.
Delivering Canadian students to school safely & on time for over a 100 years.

The road ahead is filled with great opportunities.

As one of the largest student transportation providers in the Country, we offer a wide range of opportunities with our operations in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia.

Drivers/Bus Assistants

Ensure a safe and secure journey for children to and from school  as well as to special events.


Maintenance Technicians

Ensure the integrity and ongoing safety of our transportation fleet.


Operational Support / Head Office

Customer-driven, student transportation that is safe and reliable.


People Drive Our Success

We know that any business is only as successful as the people who support and drive it.  Simply put, our success is the sum of all parts. Every single role in our company, whether full time or part time, is valued equally because we know that  people keep us moving forward.

About Us

By any measure, Stock Transportation Ltd. is one of the Country’s largest, most respected providers of student transportation services.

Our goal

Getting students to school safely, on time and ready to learn®.

Our operating principle

Driven by Safety®

13-touchpoints pre & post-trip inspection is the safety standard in Canada
2,800 school buses serving more than 35 school districts throughout Ontario, Nova Scotia & Alberta
95,000 Canadian students transported daily

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Why work with us?

While most businesses use our ROI to define ‘Return on Investment’, we look at ROI as a way to define our workplace: Responsible. Open. Inclusive.

  • Responsible: to our customers, to our stakeholders, and importantly, to you as an employee.
  • Open: your ideas and your opinions count.
  • Inclusive: access to opportunities, resources and support are the cornerstones to a strong business.


We believe that no business sits in isolation of the communities it serves.

Today can be the start of something new!